The last of the American Mammoth

The history of the Mammoth Jack goes back to George Washington 

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Our Mammoth Jack story began in 2003 when we began searching for a Mammoth Jack.  

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Meet Blue Mountain Highlander – the lead Ass in our herd.

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You do not have to own an ass to breed with one!

Conveniently located right outside the heart of Missoula on our ranch is some of the best stock out there ready to help you build yours! Our Mammoth Jack does not get to stay home long these days but he seems to be okay with that!

We do currently have a wait list for our breeding donkey so please reach out via the form and let us know what your ideal time frame would be & we will let you know when our guy is available to come to you! 

Local mule legend

A mule named horse and a dentist named Wolfe.
Missoula Mule named Horse was 23 years old when he passed, shortly after his owner and local dentist, passed. Their friendship was the cornerstone of the mule world and why ranchers and famers alike have formed strong bonds with their mules. While fightin Lou Gherig's disease local Missoula man Deloit was involved with many local charities, events and athletics. He worked on his families wheat farm in Kansas while going to dental school. He was on the Missoula County Planning board and other development projects later in his life, showing his love for his community but those close to him knew of his love for his "Horse" the mule. The mule who was considered "too hard to handle" in Kansas was eventually the 2008 winner of the Master's Horse Show in Calgary. Taking "Horse" into the Bob Marshall Wilderness was one of both of their favorite activities. Mules, like their owners, are stubborn to the end! And what an end the two had, passing just days apart. There is no love like that of a mule.

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